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 Approved by        Health          Insurance

 Approved by        Health          Insurance

The best known method of Chinese Medicine. The targeted piercing of special needles, influencies the body functions, which stimulates the balance. For patients who are not comfortable with needles, we offer effective alternatives.

Gua Sha, a scraping technique from ancient China, it is carried out on the skin and treats the underlying tissue structures. The blood circulation is stimulated and blockages are eliminated. Acute and chronic pain syndromes can be resolved.

Moxa (Folium Artemisiae) is a dried herb. It is made to glow and develops a pleasant and deep warmth. Moxibustion helps with acute and chronic pain by expelling cold.

Cupping glasses are placed under vacuum to stimulate pain or acupuncture points. A whole body region is treated with a cupping massage. The vacuum promotes the blood flow and removes toxins from the body. This is usually visible under the skin as red-blue spots.

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