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Here for you since 2010.

 Approved by        Health          Insurance

 Approved by        Health          Insurance

Pain Management

We treat commonly:

  • Chronic back- and joint pain

  • Sport injuries

  • Headache, migraine and abdominal pain

Young Woman Getting Acupuncture Treatmen

Acupuncture is well known worldwide for its sucessful pain management and therefore is commonly recommended by many doctors.

We have learnt in our clinic that the combination of different healing methods increases the sucess rate of our treatments.

Auriculotherapy, or auricular treatment

Auricular points are also used in pain management therapies.

Reaserches in the Jilin Medical University have conducted experiments that proves the positive effect of auricular points stimulation. 

Elderly woman suffering from pain in kne

Runners knee?
The UNIMED TCM Center can help you with knee pain.
Acupuncture combined with the Tui Na massage, clears stagnation, relaxes the muscles and promotes circulation so that the healing process can start. Stretching exercises that are tailored to your needs, will be discussed and practiced with you in our clinic so that you can prevent further strains.


Shoulder pain

The combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, has been proven to be a very effective treatment for shoulder pain, such as frozen shoulder, and can also be used very well in addition to medication.

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